Our Pricing

Our pricing is quite friendly and negotiable, consisting of or a combination of:

Fixed Price Model [FPM] 

This is applicable where the scope of work is clearly articulated and fixed. Deliverables, costs, and timelines are clearly defined.

Any change in scope at a later stage is catered for through a fixed daily/hourly rate agreed upon upfront.

Business Process Management in Kenya

Time and Material Model [T&M]

This is usually applicable to ongoing work where the scope is not very well defined or not fixed.

Under this model, the client is billed as per the exact number of man-hours expended on the project.

We ensure full transparency, with estimates provided to the client and any foreseeable material deviations discussed with the client promptly to ensure full transparency and no surprises.


We agree on a friendly monthly, quarterly, or annual retainer with clients who are happy to outsource some of their business process management work such as maintenance of process documentation, business process helpdesk services, etc. to us.

We are quite flexible and take full cognizance of our clients’ needs, circumstances, and preferences in our pricing.

Our work pays for itself and yields significant returns on investment through cost savings as a result of efficiency accruing from waste elimination and streamlined processes as well as new/enhanced revenue generation capabilities. We deliver both quantitative and qualitative measurable results.

Let us know what works best for you.

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