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“The starting point for improvement is to recognize the need.” – Imai.

Does any of the following situations exist in your organization:

  • Not clear which are your key management, primary, and support business processes?
  • Business process architecture not well defined or not defined at all?
  • Business processes not mapped/modeled or process models not up-to-date?
  • No dedicated office or team to champion business process management or existing team not effective or adequate?
  • Standard operating procedures [SOPs] and work instructions not clearly and comprehensively documented for your most important processes or not up-to-date?
  • Business process documentation poorly maintained and not readily accessible to relevant staff?
  • Lack of clear ownership and accountability for end-to-end business processes and their outcomes?
  • Siloed organization structures and culture that inhibits efficient cross-functional collaboration on key business processes
  • Inefficient business processes laden with waste, bureaucracy, redundancies, etc.?
  • Lack of clear assignment of roles and responsibilities in business process execution?
  • Poorly executed or no formal business process change initiatives?
  • Continuous improvement culture and mechanisms not in place or not effective?
  • Need to deploy new technology systems but relevant business processes not well understood, documented, and/or streamlined?
  • Inefficient use of technology due to broken processes?
  • Sub-optimal engagement between your employees and technology systems?
  • Frustrated employees due to inefficient processes and/or unclear roles and responsibilities?
  • Business process management not formally adopted as a key management discipline?
  • No formal business process management methodology e.g., lean or six sigma in place?
  • Business processes largely executed manually with little or no automation?
  • Business process performance inadequately monitored and measured and/or key performance indicators not adequately utilized in controlling and improving processes?
  • Customers’ needs and feedback not fully utilized in the design of products and services?
  • Execution of similar processes/activities not standard across the organization?
  • Change management best practices not adopted to ensure effective business process change?
  • Business processes not fully aligned to organization strategy?
  • Organization’s performance management system not fully aligned to motivate and reward business process excellence?
  • Process costs and return on investment not well understood?
  • Risk of adverse legal or regulatory actions due to non-compliant business practices?
Business Process Management in Kenya

If any of these matters bother you, we would be delighted to help you make them a thing of the past! We can help you resolve them and generally strive for business process excellence for a greatly successful business operation.

Please contact us today.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle.

“If you’re not simple, you can’t be fast, and if you’re not fast, you’re dead in a global World.” – Jack Welch, GE.

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