Types of Business Processes and their Role in an Organization

A business process is a series of activities, steps, or tasks that are developed by an organization, and carried out by humans or technology to achieve a specific goal that is desired to be attained. Business processes vary depending on the type of the organization, the industry and the location that the organization is
in, etc. In this article, we introduce you to the three main types [categories] of business processes.

Types of Business Processes

Operational Process

This is a process that creates revenue directly and brings direct value to the organization and its customers. It mainly focuses on the mission, vision, and values of a business, thus making it the main function of the organization and a primary revenue stream.
Operational processes require significant attention to have a direct impact on the growth of the business. Answering questions of clients on calls is an example of an operational process.

Here are some more examples of operational processes:
1. Product manufacturing
2. Order to cash process
3. Delivering products to customers.

Management Process

This is a process that has people whose main task is to ensure that all rules and procedures are being upheld by planning, organizing, monitoring, measuring, controlling, and reporting.
It is a team effort, an administrative function, and an ongoing process to achieve the varied organization’s goals. An effective management process always aligns the customers’ and employees’ interests with the organization’s goals and objectives.

Supporting Process

This involves employees helping out by making an operational or management process smoother, without being directly involved in the delivery of the services or products to clients.
Assisting an employee to sort out a technical or hardware issue is an example of a supporting process.

Support processes mainly exist in:
1. Human resources
2. Technical support
3. Marketing
4. Accounting
5. Sales and
6. Call centers.

Types of Business processes

Organizations make use of different types of processes to ensure effective and efficient value delivery to different stakeholders. The different types of processes work in concert to shape the organization and help it achieve its mission. In this article, we have introduced you to the main types of business processes organizations use to achieve their objectives.
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