Business Process Improvement/Reengineering/Transformation

Did you know that about 72% of all organizational problems are hidden in broken business processes? We often blame people for inefficiency and ineffective work when the culprit is broken and sub-optimal business processes. Get the best business process reengineering services in Kenya at Due Process Consulting Ltd.

Business process change can be achieved using one or a combination of initiatives including: 

1. Business Process Improvement [BPI] entails a redesign of existing business operations to remove non-value-adding activities, improve quality and productivity and align processes to organization strategy and customer expectations. In simple terms, BPI is about finding and adopting new ways to do things better in your organization.

2. Business Process Reengineering [BPR] entails radical rethinking and redesign of core business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in key performance indicators such as quality, cost, service, speed, and productivity. It largely involves starting with a clean slate and creating a new robust process that achieves the desired objectives.

3. Business Process Transformation [BPT] entails fundamentally changing the people, processes, systems, and technology across an entire business or business unit to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

We have supported organizations of varying sizes drawn from different industrial sectors in conducting highly successful business process change initiatives since 2006.

Business Process Management in Kenya

Here is an outline of our BPI blueprint: 

1. Identify and agree on processes in scope and scope of the review work

2. Identify relevant key stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities and hold initial discussions with them to understand expectations and elicit support

3. Obtain and review relevant inputs including; strategic plans, customer feedback, organization chart, ‘as is’ process documentation, process performance data, industry, competitor and other relevant business environment data, benchmarks, and other relevant inputs

4. Interview relevant Subject Matter Experts [SMEs] to understand ‘as is’ processes from their perspective and their suggestions for improvements

5. Perform relevant analysis such as data flow analysis, cost analysis, root cause analysis, cycle time analysis, sensitivity analysis, risk analysis, workplace layout analysis, activity simulation, resource allocation analysis, motivation, and reward analysis

6. Conduct process review and improvement workshops with relevant stakeholders and come up with recommended process improvements

7. Make process improvement recommendations to management and obtain feedback

8. Produce relevant outputs including; to be process maps, revised/updated policies, and procedures manuals, system requirements, implementation and change management plans, and obtain relevant approvals

9. Provide implementation support as needed such as change communication, piloting, project management, staff training, monitoring, and control

10. Put in place continuous improvement mechanisms, document lessons learned, and perform relevant handovers.

Business Process Management in Kenya

We are however quite flexible and tailor-make our approach to your organization’s unique circumstances and needs. We are experts at facilitating business process review and improvement workshops of all kinds having conducted numerous highly successful process workshops for our clients.

Our services cover the entire spectrum of the BPM Lifecycle i.e., alignment to strategy and goals, architecting changes, developing initiatives, implementing changes, and measuring success. Get the best Business Process Reengineering Services in Kenya at Due Process Consulting Ltd.

Please contact us today for a discussion on how we can support your business process change project.

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